2 Finger Sensitivity Code & Control Code For PUBG Mobile

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Are you interested in playing esports and finding the optimum 2 Finger Sensitivity and claw layout sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile? If so, I’ve given you everything you truly need in this article, and the greatest part is that you can effortlessly import them into your account by utilizing the share code. The imported settings can also be changed to suit your needs if you’re not content with them. Many players prefer to simply use two fingers because three or four are not as comfortable for them.

PUBG 2 Finger Claw Control Code 2023

This is the greatest 2-finger claw layout, and you may import using the layout code that is provided.

2 Finger Sensitivity

Layout Code: 6960-5108-1956-6633-342

These are the 2-finger sensitivity settings, and the sensitivity code is also given, using which you can import.

PUBG 2-finger Camera Settings

3rd Person No Scope160%
1st Person No Scope145%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist80%
2x Scope53%
3x Scope, Win9444%
4x Scope, VSS35%
6x Scope27%
8x Scope20%

ADS Settings For PUBG 2-finger

3rd Person No Scope155%
1st Person No Scope150%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist72%
2x Scope47%
3x Scope, Win9437%
4x Scope, VSS30%
6x Scope25%
8x Scope18%

PUBG 2-finger Free Look Settings

3rd Person Camera (Character, Vehicle)125%
1st Person Camera (Character)110%
Camera (Parachuting)100%

Layout Code: 6960-5108-1956-6633-343

That’s all about PUBG Mobile Two-Finger Claw Layout and Sensitivity Settings. Controls and sensitivity can change occasionally, and in certain situations, the sharing code could not work. However, you can alter them manually based on your requirements.

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