PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Patch Notes

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The latest Pubg patch notes 2.5 has been officially released which is available in the game since March 15, 2023, with the new update where lots of changes have been made to improve the game and make it more entertaining like always.

PUBG Mobile 2.5.0 Update RP Official Timings

2.5 Update Release Date13 to 15 March 2023
New RP M19 Release date21 March 2023 (7:30AM)
RP Lock Date21 March 2023 (5:30AM-7:30AM)
Rank Push Last Date20 March 2023
Tier Reset21 March 2023

Pubg 2.5 Key Updates

  1. PUBG MOBILE 5th Anniversary: Celebrate the anniversary with your friends on the battlegrounds
  2.  World of Wonder: Only a few hours left for the first-ever user-created game modes! You can have fun with all types of gameplay on a different PUBG MOBILE.
  3.  New themed gameplay is available – Imagiversary: Get special anniversary scenery and items. Create creative spaces with no restraint.
  4.  Gear Front Update: Added a Jet-Boost Board skill for the joy of flying swiftly in midair!
  5.  Firearm Updates: New tactical slots and attachments. Light Machine Guns were rebalanced, and some bolt-action animations for reloading have been improved to provide an even more thrilling shooting experience.

5th Anniversary-Themed Gameplay: Imagiversary

Let’s all celebrate PUBG MOBILE 5th anniversary together!

Available: 2023/3/18 at 02:00 (UTC+0)-2023/4/19 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Supported maps Erangel, Livik

5th anniversary pubg mobile

Brand New Environments

  1. Imagination Plaza: Large area 110×110. There are many crates in this area. To compete for the large center crate, you must occupy all four locations using small crates. It is a great place to get advanced supplies.
  2.  Imagination District: Medium 60×60. You can earn supply rewards by occupying certain locations. You can get a limited amount of advanced supplies from them.

Themed Gameplay Items and Features

  • New item: Block Cover: Found in crates all over the map. It comes in three shapes. They are used to create a wall of blocks that can be used for cover or bridge. You can use it as an elevator if placed below a player’s feet.
  •  Portable trampoline: This item is new. It can be picked up from the ground or stored in crates. Place it on its side and move quickly to bounce in the air.
  •  The Dual-Purpose Cannon is a new item. It can be picked up from the ground or stored in crates. You can either place it down to launch yourself at a medium distance or throw various throwables farther than you would by throwing them.
  •  A new feature: The Supply Converter is now available at the beginning of each match. Carry it in your backpack to convert 2 supplies into 1 with the supplied device. Converted supplies include supplies from Classic Mode, as well as items from past seasons, and even new items.

New World of Wonder Mode

The first time a user has ever created custom game modes, and they are only available for a short time.

Available: Version 2.5 Releases

New Map Templates in Various Sizes

  1. Bird’s Perch is a 100×100 blank map template. It can be used to make new game rules or build on existing ones.
  2.  Coral Reef: 300×300 blank map template. It can be used to make new game rules or build on existing ones.
  3.  Jade Realm: Template for 500×500 blank maps. You can use it to create new rules for your game and build on them.
  4.  Erangel: 8000×8000 blank map template. It can be used to make new game rules or build on existing ones.

Playing a DIY game is pure fun

You can use official decorations, objects, and buildings to create your own scenery. You can create many different gameplay experiences by adding gameplay devices!

Also, You can unleash every creator’s imagination and create tons of different gameplay to give you a new PUBG MOBILE experience!

(Actual gameplay depends on the creations available)

Pure DIY Gameplay

Gear Front Updates

Available: 2023/4/20 at 00:00 (UTC+0)-2023/5/15 at 20:59 (UTC+0)

Supported maps Erangel, Livik

  • Jet-Boost Board: A new skill that allows you to travel quickly in mid-air with a Jet-Boost Board
Gear Front Updates

Updates on Payload Mode

Available: Version 2.5 Releases

  1. New Tank: Heavy-armored, powerful tanks are available in Erangel.
  2.  Tank Air Drops: You can use the Tank Flare Gun for a tank to be called into battle

3. Shop recalls new: Players can now use Shop Tokens in the Supply Shop to recall their teammates who have been eliminated.

4. New supplies: The Super AirDrop (and Super Weapon Crate) can give the M202 quad-barrel rocket launcher.

Metro Royale Updates

Available: 2023/3/17 at 02:00 (UTC+0)-2023/5/15 at 00:00 (UTC+0)

  1. The Metro lobby now has a new Workstation that allows you to dismantle locked crates using the Workstation. After completing the dismantling process, you will be rewarded with rewards and have a chance to receive Fabled Equipment. Speed Boost Vouchers can be used to speed up dismantling. Metro Cash can be used to purchase Speed Boost Vouchers in the Hot Items section. After completing events missions, you can get locked crates for free. You can also purchase them with a small amount of Metro Cash in the Black Market’s Hot Items section.
  2.  Metro Cash can be used to purchase equipment protection. You may lose one item if you do not evacuate within 24 hours of purchase. Equipment protection is in effect until it expires.
  3.  Now, teammates and players can participate in Elimination Broadcasts during gameplay.
  4.  Misty Port layouts were improved, and the issue was fixed with floating items.
  5.  The firing interval for grenade launchers was reduced under certain actions.

Nusa Tycoon: New Gameplay

Available at 23:59 (UTC+0), 2023/3/16-2023/5/14

  1. Each player will get their own island during the event. To increase the island’s prosperity, spend Nusa Coins.
  2.  There are 3 main buildings on the island, and they will all change as they are renovated.
  • Regal Resort: This Resort is located on the island’s southwest corner. It generates a certain amount each day, depending on its level. To help a friend manage their business, players can work at the Resort of a friend and earn Nusa Coins. Players can unlock up to 5 slots to allow friends to work at their Resort as the Resort’s level rises.
  •  Mysterious Cavern – The Mysterious Cavern can be found on the west side. Players can participate in a mini-treasure hunt at the Cavern to obtain Nusa Coin Crates or Collectable Items. Better Collections increase Prosperity. The Collectable Item spawn rates increase as the Cavern’s level rises.
  •  Cargo Terminal: This terminal is located at the island’s northern end. The Cargo Terminal increases the island’s Prosperity, which gives a pro-rata Prosperity bonus.
  1. The Island’s Prosperity grows, so the button graphic displayed in the Lobby gets updated. Upgrade the buildings and manage the island to unlock new appearances during this event!

New Season: Season 4 Season 11

Available: 2023/3/21 at 2:00 (UTC+0)-2023/5/22 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

  1. New Legendary Rewards: C4S11 Glasses and C4S11 Set, C4S11 Parachute. C4S11 Groza, C4S11 Mask, and C4S11 Cover.
  2.  The lobby now displays Tier Protection. In the next match, special icons will be used.
  3.  The Season Shop display has been updated. The current season items have been highlighted, and more details have been added to the display.
  4.  Season Recaps are now available to Moments and Clans.
c4s11 tier

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