PUBG Mobile C4S11 Tier Rewards (PUBG C4S11 Tier Rewards)

pubg tier rewards
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A number of amazing rewards have been added to the Cycle 4 Season 11 PUBG Mobile tier rewards, and by achieving that tier, you can claim all of them for free. PUBGM releases tier rewards every two months, and if a player reaches a certain level, they are qualified to receive that expensive stuff for free.

PUBG C4S11 All-Tier Rewards

Tier Rankc4s11 Tier Rewards
BronzeSupply Crate Coupon,300 season token
Silverc4s11 Goggle, Classic Crate Coupon,350 season token
Goldc4s11 Outfit, 400 season token
Platinumc4s11 Parachute, 500 season token
Diamondc4s11 Gun, 600 season token
Crownc4s11 name tag, rating Protection Card, 800 season token
Acec4s11 Mask, 1000 season token
Ace Masterc4s11 headgear, ace master title, 1000 season token
Ace Dominatorc4s11 Avatar, Team-up effect, 1000 season token
Conquerorc4s11 Frame, Title, special effect, 1200 season token

C4S11 Bronze Tier Reward

Bronze Reward

  • Supply Crate Coupon
  • 300 season token
supply crate

C4S11 Silver Tier Reward

We are entitled to receive goggles at the silver Tier; we received goggles at silver last month as well. To collect it for free, all you have to do is to reach the Silver rank, and it can be in your inventory and ready to use.

Silver Rewards

  • Classic Crate Coupon,
  • C4s11 Goggle
  • 350 season token
silver tier reward

C4S11 Gold Tier Reward

In addition to other free benefits, achieving the Gold tier will allow you to claim a cool costume that is accessible there. When the character is wearing the clothing along with all the other game-related stuff, it looks incredibly amazing.

Gold Reward

  • c4s11 Outfit
  • 400 season token
C4S11 gold Tier Reward

C4S11 Platinum Tier Reward

Due to the difficulty of reaching the platinum tier, a valuable reward is offered, consisting of Cycle4 Season11 and a parachute in the colors of black and pink with some texture printed on it. When you arrive at the battlefield, the free parachute is stunning. Once you reach platinum, the free parachute will be yours to keep.

Platinum Reward

  • C4s11 Parachute
  • 500 season token
C4S11 Platinum Tier Reward

Pubg Mobile C4S11 Diamond Tier Reward

A Blue-black-orange free gun skin of Groza with some blue-gray texture is available at the Diamond level in C4S11. Groza Is an AR Gun and is available in loot drop, which is used to shoot mid-range opponents. Play well and reach at Diamond tier to claim this amazing Groza skin for free.

Diamond Reward

  • c4s11 Gun
  • 600 season token
C4S11 DiamondTier Reward

Pubg Mobile C4S11 Ace Tier Reward

Every season provides a free mask, and for C4S11, you can get a mask with black and red colors. Once you arrive at the Ace, you can claim the free mask.

Ace Reward

  • c4s11 Mask
  • 1000 season token
  • C4S11 Ace Name Tag
  • C4S11 Ace Title
  • Ace Exclusive Team-up Special Effect
C4S11 AceTier Reward

C4S11 Ace Master Tier Reward

We can get a free headpiece that resembles a cap with some clothing wrapped around it by reaching the Ace Master level. The headgear is orange and red, and it goes fantastic with the season’s free clothing.

Ace Master Reward

  • C4S11 Headgear
  • 1000 season token
  • C4S11 Ace Master Name Tag
  • C4S11 Ace Master Title
  • Ace Master Exclusive Team-up Special Effect
C4S11 Ace Master Tier Reward

C4S11 Ace Dominator Tier Reward

It takes a lot of work to rise to the position of Ace Dominator, but once there, we can claim our free C4S11 avatar, which features the logo of the player character along with weapons and a crown. Once you’ve claimed the free avatar, you can use it as your PUBG Mobile account’s profile photo.

Ace Dominator Reward

  • C4S11 Avatar
  • 1000 season token
  • C4S11 Ace Dominator Name Tag
  • C4S11 Ace Dominator Title
  • Ace Dominator Exclusive Team-up Special Effect
C4S11 Ace Dominator Tier Reward

C4S11 Conqueror Tier Reward

The hardest level to get in PUBG Mobile is the highest rank attainable. At this rank, practically every player is an expert and has a fantastic gaming experience. However, if you work hard and unlock Conqueror in C4S11, this free avatar frame will be yours to keep and won’t cost you any additional money. Not only frames but also a variety of additional items are rewarded at this level.

Conqueror Reward

  • C4S11 Conqueror avatar Frame
  • 1200 season token
  • C4S11 Conqueror Name Tag
  • C4S11 Conqueror Title
  • Conqueror Exclusive Team-up Special Effect
C4S11 Conqueror Tier Reward

All the tier rewards for the PUBG Mobile C4S11 are listed above. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any more questions about Cycle4 Season11 or the rewards for the forthcoming season. We will do our best to respond to any of your questions as quickly as we can.

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